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Tribute to Sarah Pallin.


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Janet Keijser is a native of Vernon, a very small town in rural Canada, just west of the Canadian Rockies.

Janet claims there were no Cineplex Odeon 5 complexes or live Theatres growing up in this cattle ranch and lumberjack community. So happily, Janet lived for her pets; Billy the goat, Whitie; the attack rooster, Ducky-Duck, multiple horses, a menagerie of dogs, cats, turtles, snakes, some toads & many a rescued tree frog.
In this idyllic beauty and splendor, Janet was the only neighbor kid wacked enough to hop the fence and ride any bull in the pen, until she got her own steed, at age 12. From then on out, Janet was the fastest cowgirl on the Rodeo circuit of the Okanagan Valley. Excelling in pole bending, barrel racing and bareback rescue competitions on her Palomino, Aprichee. Janet claims this and shoveling horse shit, to be her critical ‘Ivy League’ actor training.
You see, she says “The Rodeo circuit is all pompous and prance at the starting gate. Not unlike the casting waiting rooms”, of her now home, Los Angeles. “ They’re filled with gorgeous thoroughbreds, like Ms California, who sit and twirl their golden locks while staring you down like Dirty Harry. But when that door/gate opens, you better deliver strong and fearless, without hesitation, then move along. It’s cold, it’s ruthless, and it doesn’t matter where you came from or who paid for your boobs and those shiny white teeth, as long as you look good while performing for your audience and your leather saddle is polished nice".
Which, by the way, "having been kicked in the head, stepped on, bitten and dragged upside down by horses, it’s all similar in experience to the casting office“. And, Janet slyly chuckles. “I still retain my original front teeth, home-grown twins and a kindred feeling for the smell of old leather“.
Janet fondly reminisces, “you can‘t buy this kind of actor training from any of the Casting Director workshops running in Tinseltown. It’s a true and honest dues paying. This kind of method acting, it only comes of being the most fearless girl in The Great White North- BC, land of the elusive Ogopogo lake monster, Pamela Lee Anderson, Joey “shithead” Keithley, Alanis Nadine Morissette, Jim Carrey and Justin Beiber.
See what I mean? Canda produces individualists, that's for sure.


Janet writes for Independent Film Quarterly on her experiences in the trenches of indie film making...............

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