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All photography was me, myself & my remote shutter release when (on rare occasion) I felt like being in the picture.

Janet's Alaska westcoast 2012 X-treme camping trip. Stay tuned for some go-pro footage chasing black bears!



Through the window of the Old Sunkist Cannery from the 20's - Prince Rupert.



treeon dock Tree growing on the dock at Prince Rupert. The last settlement you can catch a BC ferry to. Then you are in the wild, wild west. And let me tell, you I saw some untamed human activity deep in the bush with not a soul in a hundred miles.

The Selkirk mountains in the Canadian Rockies. 2010 X-treme camping trip

BIG Black Bear & Grizzley country! Don't know where that is? It's no man's land in interior of northern British Columbia.

These photos are untouched. It really was that blue at 6am...................................................xxx

My tent in the beginning.

My tent after numerous warnings of Black Bears & Grizzlys in the area. And how human flesh is apertiff. The First Nations People use beer cans, I learned. It does actually, kinda, scare them away. If they're not too hungary and theres no other food around to bring them in. Which there was.

Skunk Cabbage is a favourite for bears to forage in.Yummy! Look *-theres a skinny white girl - even better!

Hunters were mauled by a bear while in their tent at night in the exact area we were camping 3 weeks later.Glad I read this after coming home. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/calsun/091018/canada/hunters_mauled_by_bear

Psilocybe Semilanceata. Hmmmm. NOT. But sure is pretty.

June, July and August, is remote 4 x 4 camping on Tofino Arm on the far west coast of Vancouver Island. OK, so the van is not equipped with 4 wheel drive. But in my mind it was.

The seven flight trip to Key West, the Everglades, Belize & Mexico City coming soon.

I took my laptop, a shower reservoir as seen on the right side of the van roof, a shot gun for any weirdo's and my dog.

Oh, OK, a few bottles of wine, my sony walkman and a few other bare necessities.

This was the only real road sign I saw and since the terrain was already extremely remote and rugged

this sign actually made my pulse rise. That and I hadn't seen a single person or evidence of such, for 5 days.


More road signs - What the 6KM meant, I never figured out. The pot hole warning was nice and obvious. Kennedy Lake - I believe?

This is where all the local Ucluelet folks go, to get away from the tourists. My initial destination plan.

Never did find the road the locals spoke of. This area was about 45 minutes off the highway on the main logging road in.

 Before After

The BC Forestry Dept does not officially give out logging road maps anymore so the first night I thought I was on Kennedy Lake.

Till the tide started coming in and I had to pack up and move up the hill.

View from my first aborted campsite halfways up Tofino Inlet nearClayoquot Arm.

My campsite was an hour out of Ucluelet on the only highway in - called Highway 4. Then on unmarked roads

Through very rugged, active, logging areas, it was another 3 hours of grueling travel into no man's land.

A solar panel on the roof of my van powered my laptop for writing a script tentatively called "The Adventures of Blood Babe." A modern day tale exploring what Paris Hilton might do in "Deliverance" blurring the fiction and reality of a B-movie actress.

This waterfall is called English River Falls according to the BC Backroad Mapbook but is named Virgin Falls

on the one logging road map I was able to obtain. It is at the end of Tofino Inlet pictured below.


On the way in to the waterfall the mountains parted showing a bit of year round glacier.

A large black wolf ran down the middle of the road on the way out. I thought he would dart off to the side but he just loped along.

Of course I had put my camera away because of the intense dust and by the time I got it, he took off into the trees.

Kelsey at the waterfall in doggy heaven. Love dogs? Go here doggienews.com


             Find my little campsite friend?                Luckily, I only saw signs of my big friend at the campsite!

I counted 3 fresh bear scats within 2000 feet of my campsite either way.

I did see a large black bear driving in, but none came within view of my campsite.

One of many islands near the Clayoquot Arm Provincial Park off the Tofino Inlet. Amazing untouched country. Well, except for the logging.


I drank the water in the river. It was so amazing, pristine and magical - like the entire region.

If you want to check out the area in total comfort yet be remote, check this link.

Nothing like it .

They're building here. It's been found So sad.

Where I was, is not listed anywhere. The way I wanted it. I believe it's considered Crown Property.


La Quinta

There's a reason they don't cycle in the desert. But a couple 'eh' Canadian's try it anyways. And....


First you take your 4 x 4 truck into the desert as far as you can go. Then you unload your mountain bikes into the sand.


Once you bloody up your shins enough while trying to ride in the sand between the cactus and rocks...........

You throw the bikes down and just hike. You'll find lots of cool things at that point.


Bring beer enstead of water to help with your form on that nose dive over your bicycle handle bars.

Be sure to leave things as you found them. Well, sans your skin on that prehistoric rock formation you needed a closer look at.




East coast of Vancouver Island out of Nanaimo Harbour -

"The Crow and Gate" is a favourite English Pub on the Island. Fried Fannie Bay Oyster's and good English Stout Ale are served.


. N

Shack Island off Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

We know that the white man does not understand our ways. One portion of land is the same to him as the next, for he is a stranger who comes in the night and takes from the land whatever he needs. The earth is not his brother, but his enemy, and when he has conquered it, he moves on. He leaves his father's grave behind, and he does not care. He kidnaps the earth from his children, and he does not care. His father's grave, and his children's birthright are forgotten. He treats his mother, the earth, and his brother, the sky, as things to be bought, plundered, sold like sheep or bright beads. His appetite will devour the earth and leave behind only a desert.

This we know; the earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected.

In 1851 Seattle, chief of the Suquamish, delivered what is considered to be one of the most beautiful and profound environmental statements ever made. The city of Seattle is named for the chief, whose speech was in response to a proposed treaty under which the Indians were persuaded to sell two million acres of land for $150,000.
Read it's entirety by going to Chief Seattle's Thoughts


....Janet at home with her 1951- 5 window Chevy 351 Hot Rod - aka "black beauty"


Anza Borrego - Salton Sea 4 x 4 trip.

Janet grew up driving a Scout II her father gave her for her 16th birthday.

She off road 4x 4 'd around the base of the Canadian Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and loves nothing more

than to challenge the boys to a dirt race.



............ ........

Kelsey Anne Keijser -watch for this terrorist Jack Russell in "Killer Story"


Palm Springs Shooting Range

gun range1 gun range2 Bullseye almost every time.

gun3 gun4

The Gun. The Distance.The Target.


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